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New gazebo built over the original Lithia No. 1 Spring Well. Photo by Kevin Morgan

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Historic Mineral Water Resources - survey report draft

An intensive-level, comprehensive survey or re-survey was conducted for forty resources associated with the mineral water history of Excelsior Springs. Both field survey and archival research was used to obtain data on the individual properties. As an accurate and complete list of all of the mineral water resources did not exist, it was first necessary to conduct archival research in order to identify their locations.

The ESHPC is inviting members of the community to review the Survey Draft Report and individual Historic Inventory Forms with the hope that any additional information about the properties can be obtained at this time. To comment, please call Bill Ahrens at 816-630-0756 or email the commission.

The survey was prepared for the City of Excelsior Springs by Deon Wolfenbarger, Three Gables Preservation, pictured at right, seeking remains of the Soterian Spring.

Historic Mineral Water Resources Survey Report

Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C

Photo by Kevin Morgan

Individual Properties

1 - Hiawatha Soda Spring
2 - Fowler's Magnaferro Spring
3 - Link Soda Spring/Sulfo Salt Spring
4 - Montezuma Lithia Spring
5 - Lithiated Soda Spring
6 - Seltzer Salt Soda Spring and
Lithium Magnesium Spring/Well

7 - Crystal Lithium Springs
8 - Natrona Soda Spring
9 - Imperial Lithia Spring at Deep Dale Cottage
10 - Soda Carbonic Spring/Grant's Spring
11 - Superior No. 1 Spring Pagoda
12 - Superior No. 2 Spring
13 - White Sulphur Spring
14 - Empire Twin Wells
15 - Excelsior Spring
16 - Salt Sea Spring/Keystone Lithia
17 - The Jones Soda Well
18 - Lithia No. 1 Spring
19 - Mee Soda Spring
20 - Muriated Soda Spring
21 - Park Lithia Spring/Lithia No. 2 Spring
22 - Peerless Lithia Spring
23 - Pioneer Well
24 - Blue Rock Spring/Old Smith Spring
25 - Regent Spring
26 - Relief Spring pavilion and Salax Spring
27 - Salax and Relief Springs pavilion
28 - Salt Sulphur Spring well
29 - Saratoga Springs pavilion
30 - Soterian Spring
31 - Siloam Springs
32 - Steck's Iron Spring
33 - Sulpho Saline Spring well
34 - Sulphur Salt-Soda Spring
35 - Sunnyside Spring
36 - Willow Park Lithia Spring
37 - Excelsior Springs Bottling Works
38 - Harr's Pavilion/Salt Sulphur Pagoda
39 - Sulpho-Saline Pavilion No. 1
40 - Sulpho-Saline Pavilion No. 2

This project is partially funded by a grant from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, State Historic Preservation Office and the National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior. Grant awards do no imply an endorsement of contents by the grantor.